If you are into high end cars then you will have heard of ‘Lord Aleem’, a young, extremely wealthy British Muslim with a passion for fast cars. With strong connections in the UK car hire industry Lord Aleem is the pinnacle of excessiveness, consumed by beautiful cars, clothes and other luxuries.

Lord Aleem (real name – Aleem Iqbal) is renowned for helping the car hire industry out, glorifying finery on wheels and getting the vehicle taste buds of many tickling. Utilising social media platforms Lord Aleem boasts a strong following, now at a stage where he is being used for brand endorsement.

Hitting the news twice this week, once for doing double the speed limit in his father’s £120,000 black Porsche 911 this kid looks, on paper, like he has a pretty easy life.

As the air to the thrown of Platinum Executive Travel his life is certainly lavish. However, it appears that it is not all butterflies and unicorns for the rich kid, experiencing an influx of racism since the Brexit vote.

Writing on Twitter, the 21-year-old said: ‘Just had a little rat shout ‘oi f*** off out the country p*** whilst I was driving. Brexit has given some people a boost.

‘Someone is going to get hurt. Not the only bit of racism I’ve experienced since being back home. I am Muslim and I am proud. I am British and I am proud.’

But he added: ‘Maybe it’s because I’m driving a Rolls Royce…awww.’

Lord Aleem had just returned from a trip to Lebanon where off of his own back his met with Syrian refugees. Whilst away Aleem gave out toys to children as well as visiting a factory run by war widows. Cementing some sort of balance in his life it appears the supercar kid does boast some humble qualities.

Let us know what you think, is Lord Aleem an example of our obsessive need for materials or quite an interesting role model? Leave your comments below.