Indian catering company, Maharaja, have joined forces with a string of Hilton hotels, offering both Asian and UK couples the full wedding hire package. Celebrating the pros of hiring outside caterers the firm now act as a one stop shop for wedding hire services, working with a long list of wedding providers. However, over the course of the last year the firm have had a strong presence in the Hilton chain, offering brides and grooms a bespoke wedding package that unfolds at the Hilton.

Synonymous with style and beauty the Hilton seem to mirror the qualities Maharaja wish to prevail, passionate about offering high end experiences at reasonable rates.

Lak Banwait of the UK catering firm says:

‘We now have over 50 Hilton hotels that we work, many located in London and the surrounding areas. Being such a well-known chain we truly admire their ability to maintain standards up and down the country , with each and every venue being immaculately clean and offering an incredibly high standard of service’.

‘While all about offering an unforgettable experience we have found that Hilton hotels are actually great when it comes to venue hire rates, allowing the Maharaja team to build wedding packages that do not break the bank’.

Why choose Maharaja?

Run by an experienced team the staff at Maharaja are the best equipped wedding planners in the industry, always delivering on their promises. Catering to a wealth of tastes and dietary requirements it is understandable why such prestigious venues like the Hilton open up their doors to the caterers.

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