Prom cars for divas

Every year UK proms get bigger and better, with students spending an average of £500 on this glamorous event. From hiring professional makeup artists to investing in designer suits, dresses and shoes, proms now resemble weddings in many ways.

And, the lavishness doesn’t stop at the clothes, it’s luxury vehicles too!!

Where limos and chauffeur cars for prom are a given, the divas among us demand cars and limos that stand out when on the road; vehicles that possess that real wow factor. 

Below, we take a look at a few cars that are suited to diva prom kings and queens. So, if you are looking to stand out at prom, the below vehicles are worth considering. 

Rolls Royce Phantom hire

No car in the world can top the Rolls Royce Phantom; fact. Being the pinnacle of luxury transport Phantoms are not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside too. From sheepskin flooring to spacious cabins, it is no wonder Phantoms are frequently used by the Royal Family. It is this sense of finery that makes them ideal for getting to and from prom.

Bentley GT hire

Want to arrive at prom in something a little sportier? If so, then the Bentley GT is the car for you, being classy and modern all at the same time. If you’re a real diva opting for a convertible option is advised, ensuring all eyes are on you when you make your grand entrance. 

Ferrari Italia hire

You simply cannot beat the glamour of a super car. That’s why they are the most expensive car category. With sleek exteriors and engines you can hear from streets away, Ferraris are suited to divas that want to make an explosive entrance to prom that will go down in history.

Party Bus hire

Many divas have diva friends, school and college mates that they want to share the ride to prom with. This is why larger vehicles with more seats than a standard chauffeur car is a viable option to explore.

Party buses are certainly vehicles to consider hiring for your prom night, basically being nightclubs on wheels. Packed with incredible fun features, travelling in a party bus is an event in itself! 

Below are a few fun things you can expect when travelling to prom in a party bus:

  • Champagne fridges and glasses 
  • Disco lighting that creates a party atmosphere 
  • Surround sound music systems 
  • Flatscreen televisions 
  • Dance floors 
  • Free WiFi so you can share Instagram and Facebook stories while on the road 
  • Luxury leather seating 

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