With Brexit bringing the world of business into a state of uncertainty, some suppliers and service providers have had to adapt, especially in the transport hire space. Axis Truck Rental, one of the largest truck rental operators in the country, has decided to change the shape of their business, eager to help businesses in these turmoil times.  

Now offering a flexible, shorter-term contract hire solution, the firm want to help operators who are feeling the wrath of uncertainty over current and future market conditions post-Brexit

As part of the company’s ‘Brexibility offer’, these shorter rental deals are however on a limited range of second-hand 6×2 tractor units, with Axis working with a three-month minimum hire period. All Euro-5 and Euro-6 trucks, each  package includes tyres, maintenance and road fund licence, with many operators already registering interest.
Mick Ledden, MD of Axis Fleet Management, said: “We understand the challenges our customers are facing today and following the Brexit vote, they are telling us they need flexibility. 
“This new truck leasing package, with the opportunity to early return before the end on of the contract, will allow companies to run their businesses as normal during a period of sustained uncertainty. It provides all of the benefits of a long-term leasing deal but without the long-term ‘tie-in’ period.” 

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