ReadyHire Bike Scheme in Reading Acquires New Sponsors

In what has proved very exciting news for the transport industry, reading ReadyHire bike scheme has acquired two new sponsors who have provided fresh funding to keep the company from going bust.

ReadyBike is a bike hire scheme in operation all over reading, which was developed as part of a Reading Borough Council programme designed to improve sustainable transport options in and around the town, cutting down on dangerous fuel emissions and encouraging the town to choose a mode of transport which benefits your health at the same time! It was launched in 2014 with a £1.2 million government grant. After that funding ran out, the council started spending £10,000 a month to subsidise the scheme.

Reading Borough Council had announced that it would unfortunately have to stop subsidising ReadyBike at the end of March, consequently pulling the programme from the Town. They reluctantly voted to pull this sustainable transport programme from Reading thanks to its ongoing financial issues.

However, both Thames Valley Park and the David Lloyd Health Club have announced that they would sponsor 20 of the 200 bikes, acting as the first two organisations stepping up to breathe life into a scheme with a health and environmental initiative that should be applauded.

Hourbike, the operator of the scheme, have said that whilst these donations are incredible, there is still more money needed for the successful operation of the ReadyBike scheme throughout reading, having described the new sponsorship opportunities as “the start of an ongoing journey” in order to sustain ReadyBike.

Managing director and owner of Hourbike, Tim Caswell, said: “ReadyBike has become a popular mode of transport for people across Reading and we hope more local businesses will get on board and sponsor the bikes, so that we can continue to provide affordable transport, a means of exercise and more importantly, encourage sustainable travel right on our doorstep.”

ReadyBike provides bikes from 29 locations in Reading, and has proved to be a mode of transport which is growing in popularity. Hourbike have stated that they would love for more local businesses to get on board, take the lead from Thames Valley Park and David Lloyd Health Club and sponsor the bikes in order to keep ReadyBike alive and commit to a sustainable future for Reading.

Councillor Tony Page of the local area has said that he hopes the new sponsorship funding model will make ReadyBike ‘commercially sustainable in future years”.