There truly is no better feeling than bringing a baby into the world; a precious time that many of us want to cherish forever. And, with babies growing so fast, parents understandably want to take as many photographs of their little ones as possible. 

This is why baby photography has become so popular, with parents across the UK investing in professional photography sessions to take pictures of their newborn babies.  

However, with many parents opting for the first photographer they come across we are hearing story after story from unsatisfied customers. This is why today, we take a look at what a great baby photographer looks like, ensuring our users are booking with the right suppliers that suit their needs and budget.  


The truth is, babies do not do a lot, especially when they are newborn. For this reason baby photographers need props, getting the baby in different, cute scenes to ensure the photographers are interesting and unique. Popular props include: 

  • Teddy bears  
  • Shawls  
  • Baskets  
  • Bowls  
  • Moses baskets  
  • Blankets  
  • Hats  
  • Rattles and toys  
  • Flowers  
  • And much more  

So, if you want to make sure your photos will come out well, ensure the photographer you choose has props aplenty!

Past experience 

The last thing you want when forking out for a photographer is an amateur. This is why doing some digging into their past experience is a must, taking a look at previous work to ensure the outcome is what you are looking for. If your photographer is any good their work will be easy to find with a simple Google search. You can always ask for previous examples of their work too!  

Creative flair 

There are all types of photographers out there; some self-taught; some highly qualified and experienced. But you have to remember creative flair plays a huge part in whether or not a photographer can produce great photos. So, if you cannot see that a certain photographer has studied photography in university, do not worry. Validation of their worthiness will be in their work.  


Reading online reviews is another way to validate a certain photographer’s ability and reputation, learning from other Mums and Dads about their experience with that photographer and whether or not they would recommend them.   


When becoming a new parent your money will be precious to you, earmarked for baby gifts, nappies and family days out. This is why being overcharged for baby photography just isn’t an option. Only a great photographer will offer both a great service and a great price, so be sure to remember that when searching the market.  

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