From VR weddings to weddings with their own social media hashtags, wedding celebrations seem to be getting more and more modern with each year that passes.

But, in our opinion, you cannot beat a traditional wedding day; one that honours tradition and traditional values. And, we are not the only ones. In recent months, we have seen a huge increase in the number of brides and grooms-to-be searching for wedding horse and carriage hire, wanting to arrive in style when going to tie the knot. 

An introduction to horse and carriage hire 

People have been travelling by horse and carriage since the Bronze Age, being cabins with seats towed by well-trained, beautiful horses. Being the main mode of transport before the introduction of the automobile, travelling via horse and carriage is nothing but traditional. This is why going back in time and hiring a horse and carriage works rather well for weddings.

An unforgettable transport experience 

As well as looking the part, travelling inside a carriage pulled by a horse on your big day is incredibly fun. Being a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most, doing something different with your transport will ensure your big day is hugely memorable.

Wow your guests on entrance 

Brides will be passionate about getting their big entrance just right, wanting to steal the show and wow guests with their arrival. If you are keen to wow guests, then getting creative with your transport is advised. And, can you imagine the shock on your guests’ faces when you arrive in a glamorous horse and carriage?

Enhance your wedding pictures 

Most couples spend over £2000 on their wedding photographer, being one of the biggest wedding day investments. This is why couples will want the pictures to be as great as they possibly can. 

Images of the happy couple in front of their horse and carriage will no doubt be a top shot you will want to frame and hang in your home.

Horse and carriage hire via Anything for Hire

Here at Anything for Hire, we are the only place on the internet where you can search, compare and book horse and carriage hire for your wedding, offering a quick, easy way to access prices and availability.

So, if this is something you are looking into, visit our homepage now and get your search underway! 

Simply input your details, the times, dates and area you require horse and carriage hire and our system will do all the hard work for you, presenting you with a long list of viable options to choose from. 

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