Players for Hire: The Latest Gaming Craze

Being in an age where digital innovation sits at the forefront of most industries, we at Anything For Hire are keen to stay ahead of curve. Offering an online booking system to streamline the hire process, it’s amazing what types of bizarre things people are hiring out.

Hire a gamer

According to a recent news article, people are now hiring players to play Call of Duty on their behalf. Ramping up their gameplay, players can enjoy some game back-up for £15 per hour. Offering various services, these hired players are most in demand by those wanting to:

  • Rank characters up
  • Unlock extra features
  • Improve your kill/death ratio

Offered by games company, Divine, they promise the best gamers in the business. As the first company to offer such a facility, they believe the stature of the game has created a new competitive strand to the already-competitive gaming space.

“The Call of Duty game franchise is one of the biggest in the world, and every time they release a new game it’s a race to unlock the best weapons, characters and camos – as well as seeing who can prestige first,” said Russ Morgan, a co-founder of the business.

Morgan says that the services is already gaining quote a bit of momentum.

“The rise in professional gaming has been meteoric over the last few years, and there are thousands of people who can help out the more time-strapped gamers among us,” Morgan continued.

What are your thoughts?

Let us know what you think about this. Is hiring someone to help you climb the Game of Duty ranks slightly unethical? Or, is it a genius way to becoming a gaming success? Let us know what you think about this new hire craze by leaving your comments below. For more information on our hire services, get in touch!