Deliveroo is regarded as one of the greatest online businesses of our time, having successfully streamlined the fast food delivery industry. Permitting users to order food from any establishment and have it delivered via them, Deliveroo has well and truly filled a gap in the market.

But, how have they scaled up their small operation to be a multimillion-pound household brand? Well, through the use of vehicle rental of course!

If you have ever used Deliveroo, you will see that their drivers deliver on scooters or bikes, with hundreds of these branded vehicles speeding past us in most UK cities.

Now, the ever-expanding brand are looking to change things up, launching an electric scooter rental scheme. In a plea to ‘electrify London’; the scheme has been formed in partnership with moped rental firm, Elmovo. Omitting zero emissions, these scooters will both improve their delivery times while positioning Deliveroo as a brand that cares about the planet.

Scooter hire from £.183

The scheme will offer riders scooter hire services for just £1.83, providing that they dedicate themselves to a 6-hour slot. This includes tax, insurance and any other costs involved in running the scooter.

“Deliveroo wants every meal we deliver to be truly amazing but that is only possible if the delivery is sustainable alongside the great food we offer” says Deliveroo UK and Ireland’s managing director, Dan Warne.

“Electric mopeds and bikes represent an environmentally friendly, neighbourhood-conscious solution to cut emissions and save riders money in the long run.”

At present, there are 72 of these mopeds on their way to the city. However, with over 500 riders already pre-registering to hire them, there is evident demand for a whole lot more.

Let us know what you think about this partnership. Would knowing your food was being delivered through environmentally-friendly means impress you? Leave your comments with us.