Mystery Cyclist Hires Boris Bike 1600 Times

Bicycle hire has become a preferred way to travel around many UK cities, with both UK residents and tourists passionate about exercise as well as reducing their carbon footprint when getting from A to B.

However, there is one cyclist in London that is putting us all to shame.

According to a recent news article, a mystery rider has made over 1600 trips on hired ‘Boris Bikes’. This is over the past nine years, averaging around 5 trips per day on a rental bike.

But, it seems that it is not just this mystery rider who is enjoying bike rental, with 10.5 million trips taking place last year.

Signalling the success of bike rental in general, is it estimated that nearly 180,000,000 miles have been travelled on these bikes. This is the same distance as three return trips to Mars!

David Eddington, Head of Cycle Hire at TfL, said:

“In the last nine years, London’s flagship cycle hire scheme has gone from strength to strength, helping millions of people commute to work, explore the capital and get active.

“Our customers have been vital in helping us achieve a string of record years, especially Santander Cycles’ top customer, who has used the scheme an incredible 16,000 times since 2010.

“We hope that the free led rides will be a great opportunity for people to build their cycling confidence and give Santander Cycles a try.”#

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