Car hire Business prepares for £5bn floatation

One of the world’s largest car hire companies, FleetPlan, is this week preparing for a stock market float. Reporting another year of record sales and profits, the business has reached new heights. With profits jumping a substantial 13% to €677m, the business marks its 50th birthday with a great time of expansion. Owning over 1.3m cars, the company is seeing a huge rise in interest, with the 21st Century ‘sharing economy’ arguably responsible.#

Reporting a “clear megatrend” in “ubership”, more and more people are moving away from buying cars outright. Working closely with the likes of Uber, the business has seen such contracts have a positive impact on sales. Sales increased by a whopping €9.4bn; but why?

Well, not simply offering car hire, FleetPlan provides a full circle solution. This includes financing, insurance, as well as repair and maintenance.

Chief Executive, Tex Gunning, is a keen advocate of the hire model, believing their recent surge in popularity is largely down to people being more educated on their transport options.

“Customers are realising you can buy a car that is three or four years old and still get another 100,000 miles out of it,” Mr Gunning said.

Promising a zero-emissions fleet by 2030; the company should only increase in value.

Though profits are well and truly up, the company did experience a €65m hit for one-off charges. These charges included the fees for preparing for a possible listing.

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