Downloadable movie rentals from airport vending kiosks launched

Passengers flying from Minneapolis St Pauls International Airport will be among the first to try out a brand new movie rental scheme which allows passengers to download movies to view during their flight.

A California based company, Digiboo, is responsible for the first airport kiosks offering movie rentals to be downloaded by passengers to view on Windows PC. The first movie rental kiosk was launched this week, with plans to open further airport outlets in the coming months.

The movie hire company from Santa Monica will be hoping to tap into the recent trend which has seen movie fans move away from traditional methods of film hire and more towards online streaming. Because internet access is not available on the majority of flights, Digiboo’s new movie rental service will bypass this issue as it allows films to be downloaded and watched offline during the flight.

New movie titles will be added to the company’s catalogue of downloadable films every week, so customers will have access to the very latest releases. Movies can be rented via the kiosks positioned in airports from as little as $3.99 each.

Once the customer has chosen the movie title they wish to hire and they’ve made payment, the film takes just 30 seconds to download into a USB 3.0 flash drive. Before the customer uses the movie rental service for the first time they must sign up online to register the details of laptop they’ll be watching the film on while in flight. Once purchased, the customer has 48 hours to watch their rented film.