Magic is one of the world’s greatest mysteries, offering both excitement and intrigue in abundance.  

This is why people of all ages are fascinated by the work of Magicians, being the reason many hire such individuals when planning important or celebratory events. Offering instant fun and entertainment, hiring a magician is a cost-effective way to keep guests happy and engaged. 

Below, we take a look at the top events you should consider hiring a magician for. 

Magicians for Children’s birthday parties   

Children’s parties are renowned for their lively, loud nature. However, most we attend tend to be similar, having the same entertainment, food and music.  

If you are looking to break the mould with your child’s upcoming birthday party, hiring a magician is a great idea, giving children an entertaining show that will keep them engaged and more importantly; smiling!  

Magicians for adult birthday parties   

If Harry Potter taught us anything it was that magic is not just for children! In fact, over the last few years, magician hire for adult parties has become increasingly popular! So, if you are arranging an 18th 30th, 50th or even an 80th birthday party, hire a magician and ensure your guests are entertained, talking and mesmerised.  

Magicians for wedding receptions  

As summer approaches, the many wedding invites come flooding through the front door. While it is great to be invited, most weddings stick with the same themes, entertainment and menus. This is why brides and grooms would benefit from mixing things up a bit when it comes to their reception entertainment, with a professional magician able to do just that!  

Magicians for office parties  

Whether looking to put on the Christmas office party of all time or just eager to spice up the quarterly staff meetup, hiring a magician will ensure your office party is one to remember. Uniting staff members in their love for magic and the world of the unknown, getting staff involved in something fun like this is great for team-building and genral office morale!  

Find a magician to hire in your area  

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