This week, we at were featured in a leading Welsh publication, Wales Online; found in a list of “30 Welsh firms aiming to make it big”. Positioned next to some of the greatest Welsh companies out there, our team were thrilled to have their name celebrated in this prestigious listicle. Seeing their incredible efforts recognised in such a way, this article is one of many stories posted about the wonderful things we are doing for the UK hire industry.

Reviewing the platform, Wales Online wrote:

“New Cardiff-based tech start-up Anything for Hire is aiming to follow in the footsteps of success stories like Uber and Airbnb by shaking up the UK hire industry. The idea behind Anything for Hire came to technology entrepreneur Tej Randeva when he noticed there was no easy way to compare different quotes from various hire companies during the hiring process.”

Other businesses featured in the listicle include Bushbox, Paperclip, Sorbet, She Moves, University Cribs and many more.

Whilst a national business, the team is headquartered down in Cardiff; being an amazing city full of startup talent. As seen in the listicle, the capital city homes some of the most innovative technology startups and SMEs of the UK, with Cardiff now existing as the fastest-growing digital economy outside of London. Due to its bustling technology scene, we at thought Cardiff would provide the perfect backdrop to their success story; and we were not wrong!

Tej Randeva, the Founder of says;

‘Cardiff is a wonderful place to do business. With a growing community of technology talent paired with its reasonable business rates when compared to London, for us, Cardiff fitted the bill. In addition, Wales boasts some incredible hire businesses that we have enjoyed forming partnerships with over the course of the last few months. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Wales Online for this article and look forward to sharing many more updates with you all very soon.”

Here’s the full list of the 30 Welsh firms aiming to make it big, reviewed by WalesOnline:

  1. Brushbox
  2. Paperclip
  3. Sorbet
  4. Credas
  5. Doze
  6. Pedalcover
  7. She Moves
  8. enModus
  9. Anything for Hire
  10. Codeherent
  11. SOS Athletic Excellence
  12. University Cribs
  13. QuoteOnSite
  14. What’s It Like?
  15. POW! Virtual Running
  16. JOT S
  17. Ginhaus Deli
  18. BIBaDO
  19. Aspire2Be, Swansea
  20. Hoowla
  21. Clydach Farm Group
  22. Get Wonky
  23. Trwffl
  24. Eco Home & Commercial Clean
  25. Banter Cards
  26. Recyclabox
  27. Fightwear Store UK
  28. OxyOse
  29. Jecca
  30. The Tidy Kitchen Co

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