Vauxhall rolls out business contract hire solution

Although not a huge name in the world of vehicle rentals, Vauxhall are seeming to be making waves in the hire market, adding their name to a longlist of manufactures now diversifying their services to include hire options.
In a recent release, we learnt that Vauxhall Finance will now offer an in-house business contract hire package. This is in addition to the personal contract hire solution that the company announced just last month.

Geared specifically at SMEs, the product permits customers to hire Vauxhall cars and Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs); expected to be rolled out at all Vauxhall Retailers across the country.  With various benefits for fleet managers to make use of, Vauxhall are set to heavily market these solutions in the coming months. Placing focus on the fact that customers do not have to worry about depreciation or the tasks involved with a resale, the contract hire side of the business is expected to take off pretty quickly. In addition, businesses can enjoy fixed monthly costs, not having to fork out huge sums to buy vehicles outright.

According to Vauxhall Finance, agreements will be either 24 or 48 months long, with customers given the option to put a deposit down in order to bring their monthly fee down. Service, Maintenance and Repair (SMR) packages will also be made optional.

Simon Kington, managing director of Vauxhall Finance, says this product launch has been actioned following huge demands for such flexible vehicle hire products:

“This product launch is a further step for Vauxhall Finance to become a full captive for Vauxhall, which is part of our new Strategic Plan for profitable and sustainable growth. Increasing our product portfolio means we are able to deliver more of the finance products that Vauxhall customers want, which will improve the experience at Vauxhall Retailers” he says.

Let us know what you think; will Vauxhall continue to invest in the leasing and hire markets? Leave your comments with us.