Welsh couple taking bouncy castle hire to Cambodia

A couple of North Wales are planning a trip of a life time this August when they travel to Cambodia by train to deliver a bouncy castle to a children’s orphanage.

Jon Brown and Rhian Davies, both from Abergele, have left their jobs in Wales in order to travel to the orphanage and work with the New Futures Organisation. They will leave North Wales on August 11th and arrive in Cambodia over four weeks later after travelling the whole route by train, and lastly by bus.

However Jon and Rhian will take with them a very special gift when they arrive at the Cambodian orphanage, a custom made bouncy castle. The couple explained that the organisation asks for people travelling to the orphanage to bring items with them that they are unable to get in the country such as material to help with arts and crafts.

After putting their heads together, Jon and Rhian came up with the idea of having a bouncy castle shipped to the orphanage as the children were unlikely to have seen anything like it before. As well as making a fun and exciting addition to the orphanage’s playground, the couple had the idea of offering the bouncy castle for hire in the local area in order to help raise fund for the orphanage.

The couple from North Wales are in the process of trying to fundraise the £1,000 needed to help pay for the bouncy castle and the cost of having it shipped to Cambodia, all help will be gratefully received, please visit the New Futures Organisation for more information.