Although various sites have streamlined the car purchasing process, little has been done in the way of technology innovation when it comes to vehicle leasing.

Promising “the cheapest and easiest way to lease a car on planet Earth”, a car leasing app, Honcker, is ready to change this. Having enjoyed a healthy series A funding round of $23M, the brand is being supported by Tinder-owners; IAC. Allowing users to compare leasing options on one site, “Honcker’s price is unbeatable”, so they say. But, what is so different about the app? Well, according to its creator, Nathan Hecht, this app is the only one of its kind that can save you time and money when shopping for lease deals.

The idea of a comparison app came to Hecht following his own experience looking for a car. Visiting various dealerships, he was rather disappointed to be turned down by providers and walk away with his credit score dented. Feeling the need for an industry shake up, Hecht has built a system that allows people to shop for car leasing options without seeing their credit plummet with each search.

Partnering with 300 local dealerships, the site allows its users to locate car leasing deals in a matter of seconds. With prices based on ‘soft’ credit searches, users can shop and compare as they please, knowing that they won’t have their credit score impacted.

This funding round will now allow the company to invest in marketing the business and employing new staff; all part of their big plans for industry domination. Though currently working with businesses and customers in Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami, Honcker is reportedly looking to expand its operations across America and potentially across the world.

Let us know what you think; could Honcker grow to be one of the car leasing greats of our time? Leave your comments below.