The Beckhams hire three nannies to help care for baby Harper

David and Victoria Beckham have reportedly hired as many as three nannies to help with the care of their new baby daughter, Harper Seven.

According to a recent report, the celebrity couple hired a Los Angeles based agency to help recruit the new nannies. David and Victoria Beckham have insisted on stringent checks being carried out on all new potential recruits before hiring their nannies. The footballer and the former Spice Girl are being especially careful about who they employ after a former nanny, Abbie Gibson, sold stories to the press about the Beckham’s private lives, much to their embarrassment.

The cost of hiring three separate nannies to help look after the one month year old baby is estimated to stand at almost £500,000 for the year. It’s been reported that each nanny is in charge of caring for the infant at different times of the day with one working during the morning, another in the afternoon, and third nanny to be at the beck and call of baby Harper during the night.

Harper Seven is the fourth child for the Beckhams, and their first daughter as David and Victoria are already parents to three sons, 11-year-old Brooklyn, 8-year-old Romeo and Cruz aged 5. The golden couple announced the news that Victoria was expecting a much longed for daughter in January of this year.