National Car Rental’s Emerald Club celebrates 30 Years 

Launched in St Patrick’s Day in 1987, National Car Rental’s Emerald Club celebrates their 30 year anniversary, with its club members eager to share their stories and the club’s benefits. With fans using the hashtag #EmeraldClub30Sweepstakes to tweet their best Emerald Club benefit, members were given the chance to win one of 30 gift cards valued at $30 each. With many getting involved with the unique promotion, the club stayed true to its purpose, bringing people together to reap car hire benefits.

Such benefits include extra service at airports, a choice of rewards as well as free upgrades in National’s “Emerald Aisle”.

“For 30 years, the Emerald Club has helped road warriors by offering convenience and control over their rental experience,” said Rob Connors, National Car Rental’s vice president of brand marketing.

“We’re proud to celebrate this milestone and are looking forward to what the next 30 years will bring.”

Always aiming to stay ahead of competitors, the firm recently launched a mobile application, allowing members to manage their profiles, check out deals and reserve their cars. Such efforts have ensured National Car Rental remain a key player in the world of car hire, now operating in 25 different countries.