Independent tool hire company opens larger premises on second anniversary

An independent tool hire company in Wetherby celebrated its second year in business by moving to larger premises in the West Yorkshire town. Enterprising duo, Dave Scotfield and Scott Fletcher set up their tool hire company two years ago after spotting a gap in the market for a tool rental business in Wetherby as there were no providers in the local area offering this service 24 months ago.

The gamble certainly paid off as the tool hire company in Wetherby is going from strength to strength, with a recent newspaper report describing how the company’s turnover has doubled from its first year in business to its second, with 70% of the firm’s business coming from tradesmen. Prior to the launch of the tool hire service in Wetherby, customers were travelling great distances out of the area to access tool rental facilities.

Wetherby Tool Hire moved to much larger premises at the start of the year to help facilitate the company’s growth further. The bosses at the tool rental company explained that a larger base was required as several areas of the business are being expanded including a new power tool service and also the development of the accessories and machinery shop and a new plant hire area. The company also noted an increase of their repair department and so a larger area was required for this part of the business as well.