Moving home: Van hire vs. DIY

If you have ever had the experience of moving home then you will be well aware of the stress packing, loading and unloading brings, ranked as the second most stressful event a couple has to go through. Often lugging rooms full of furniture as well as transferring energy providers and organising other bills we wonder whether it is worth seeking the help of a local van man.

With many priding themselves on their own ability there are more people taking the responsibility of moving into their own hands, loading their small family hatchback up to 20 times just to avoid paying out for extra help.


What you have to consider when exploring your moving options is your finances, whether you can afford to pay a van man for his time. Priced per hour van hire usually works out, on average, around £50 per hour. This is however for your larger vans, ones that can fit sofas, tables and other large furnishings in. So, if you have flat-pack furniture that can easily be taken down and reassembled then you may get on just fine doing a few car trips in between properties.


As many will know timings are very important when it comes to the move date, having to give keys back, arrange handovers with agents as well as unpack during precious time off work. This is where for many hiring help can benefit, with many hands making for light work.

Looking after your belongings  

Humping tables, kitchenware and other large items into your car is infamously problematic, running the risk of damaging the items themselves as well as the vehicle. For this reason many movers seek outside help, making use of their careful nature when packing belongings. With professional vans fitted with protective covers and hooks to stop movement whilst on the road paying for a removal van may save you a considerable amount in damage costs and replacements.

Let is know what you think; would you hire help or do it yourself? Leave your comments below.