Top tips for hiring a car abroad

As legends have told hiring a car abroad can be very stressful; having a negative affect on morale as well as the wallet. With such a scientism surrounding the international hire market we at thought we would offer a helping hand; assisting with a few tips for car rental overseas.

Compare rates 

As with every part of a trip you need to get prepared pre-travel, not going into a new country blind when spending your cash. This is why we recommend searching for common hire cars in the country online before getting on the plane, gauging an idea of price ranges and turning up well-informed.

With so many firms praying on the ill-informed such research is not only great for the pocket but for peace of mind also, being confident that you hired a car for a reasonable price.

Shall I hire petrol or diesel? 

According to the Travel section of The Telegraph a diesel hire car is best, especially if you plan on using it throughout your trip aboard.

‘If you intend doing a reasonable mileage in a hire car, a diesel vehicle will be cheaper to run and, as long as it is not significantly more expensive to hire, will be a better deal than a petrol one. This is now true of many European countries, including Spain (111p per litre compared with 117p for petrol), Portugal (118p/137p), Italy (124p/135p) and Greece (128p/146p). Only in the United States (64p/60p) and Britain (140p/ 136p) is petrol the cheaper option. ‘

Read the small print  

With most credible companies you will get a contract with your car hire, detailing all of the conditions of the hire package. This will include an agreement about handover, damages, insurance and the release of deposits; an area many get stung by. It is very important that you read ALL of the details within this document, ensuring you know where you stand with every type of eventuality before you sign on the dotted line.

Bring your own child seat  

When reading posts on websites such as Trip Advisor or Review Centre one thing that constantly crops up is the subject of child seats, with the majority of car hire firms abroad surprisingly not providing them.

If you have an overseas car hire story you with to share then be sure you comment below.