First electric black cab touches down in London  

Constantly criticised for its lack of eco-friendly thinking, London is a city of complete fascination, especially with regards to transport. This week, we have seen the first all-electric Black Cab hit the roads, joining the 23,000 cabs operating in the area. Signalling exciting times of progression for the city, such innovations have long been campaigned for.

Whilst big promises have been made for an eco-friendly London, many are disappointed that only one green cab has made its way to London. This is because it is yet to even carry a passenger, brought to us by LEVC. This is a reputable firm formally known as The London Taxi Company.

Though hundreds were ordered and expected to be in operation by now, the company experienced a fault. This unfortunately halted production. Stated in a release, the issue was concerning fair cost mapping and calculation.

A spokesperson for the company said:

“The signal from the vehicles and the meters are not lining up and we are working on a solution to fix that issue. We’re working to get an appropriate converter to get the vehicles licensed by [Transport for London] and over to customers.”

A price tag of £55,000

Reportedly worth a staggering £55,000, the cab was this month delivered to its lucky owner. The owner is also a former pro tennis player; David Harris. Promising a revolution of the black cab industry, the cab offers improved urban air quality whilst improving the travel experience for the people and visitors of the glorious city.

As well as looking the part, the cab is equally as impressive on paper. From just one charge, the cab can travel an impressive 400 miles. This includes an 80-mile zero emissions range. Far from the small eco car that we expected, the cabin is very spacious. It is easy to see that designers put passengers at the forefront of their minds. From featuring Wi-Fi and offering wheelchair access to its 6 comfortable seats, it is safe to say that the LEVC creation ticks all of the boxes!

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Let us know what you think, does the LEVC hold the key to the future of the London taxi industry?

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