Film 4 launch downloadable movie rental service

Film4oD have launched their brand new film on demand download service which allows users to download chosen movies onto their computer and watch offline.

The service will benefit those with low bandwidth, which can interrupt film streaming, and also those who wish to watch movies offline, maybe while travelling and when they’re not able to connect to the internet.

The film is saved to the computer once it is downloaded from the Film4oD site, and is available to be viewed an unlimited number of times for 48hours from the first viewing. Movies can be rented for up to a 30 days if required, and users can begin viewing the film while it is still downloading. The provider says the new downloadable service will compliment Film4’s current online film streaming feature.

The cost of movie rental varies according to the film, with titles starting from 99p for a 48 hour hire, up to £3.99 for the very latest releases. Two new movies, Attack the Block and Arthur, were made available to rent through download on Film 4oD the day the films came out on DVD.

 Since Film4oD launched in 2010, the service has attracted 50,000 registered users, with over 1,200 titles being bought since the introduction of the service last November.