Bookings for Queen-lookalike-for-hire soar ahead of Jubilee

Bookings for the UK’s number one Queen-lookalike-for-hire have soared in the lead up to the Diamond Jubilee at the beginning of June. Mary Reynolds, who’s been working as a Queen Elizabeth ll lookalike since 1988, says the months leading up to her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee celebration have been the busiest in her career as a professional lookalike with hire bookings up by a staggering 600%.

78-year-old Mary Reynolds, Britain’s leading lookalike for Her Majesty, estimates she’ll rack up over 4,000 miles in the coming week as she travels up and down the country making guest appearances as the Queen in the run up to the Jubilee weekend.

The grandmother has even enlisted the services of a chauffeur driven limousine to transport her to the numerous engagements she will attend in the coming days. Lookalike-for-hire, Mrs Reynolds, estimates she has 46 appointments for her hire service over the coming week, seven times more than her average working week. For an average lookalike hire engagement, Queen-impersonator Mary charges approximately £400 a day.

While the real Queen is currently on her own Jubilee Tour of the UK as part of the celebrations, it seems that those who aren’t lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet the real HRH are happy to have the next best thing; the country’s leading Queen lookalike attend their event.