Car hire and technology is a marriage that many firms have proven the beauty of with companies like Uber, Limo Broker and Addison Lee all claiming to ‘reinvent’ the market through forward-thinking tech.

The latest tech injection comes from Avis, best known for offering international car hire to tourists throughout Europe. Having launched their new app they claim to have eliminated the nightmares that hiring a car abroad so infamously brings.

“We’re re-engineering of entire rental process,” Avis CEO Larry DeShon told on Tuesday.

A 10-year Avis veteran, DeShon took on the CEO role in January of this year. Since assuming the position he’s been pretty busy working on his new generation ideas.

“We’re looking at all opportunities to leverage technology,” he continued.

Targeting the younger generation

With the huge shift to tech-based products Avis CMO Scott Deaver has put a lot of focus in attracting a younger audience.

“This is the way millennials expect to transact,” said Deaver.

The new tech launch marks a complete shift in the way people book car rentals, claiming to handle the whole process start to finish. Having today been made available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play the firm expects an increase in users as well as profits, progressing words of optimism throughout the press.

What can the app actually do?

From what we can see the application handles booking and payment processes, including the following functions:

  • register with Avis
  • use the Avis Now app to book rental cars
  • receive notifications
  • change car selections
  • find the car in the lot and unlock it.

Let us know what you think, will you be downloading the Avis app?