Airbnb to launch new payment feature for hosts

Airbnb is a brand that is constantly working on technology innovations, going to great lengths to remain a cutting-edge tech-based firm. Combining high-tech with the age-old industry of property rental, Airbnb are a disruptive company to say the least. Just this week, Airbnb announced details of their latest project, working on a brand new payments feature for hosts. Wanting to streamline the rental process as much as possible, this piece of technology will see hosts have their bill settled at the time of booking.

Strengthening their relationship with hosts, this new app feature will help hosts with their cashflow, something Airbnb has been criticised for considering previously.

What has changed?

At present, hosts are paid around 24 hours after the customer checks in. With this latest update, hosts will be able to opt in and receive half of the money just three days after the booking has been made. The remaining 50% of the fee will be given to the host 24 hours after check-in time. In order to facilitate this, Airbnb will take a free. However, the fee will sit at an admirable 1% of the total booking fee. In the event of a cancellation, the amount paid to the host will be deducted from their next booking.

“For decades, vacation rentals and professionally managed properties have been the backbone of the economy in vacation destinations like beach and ski towns and we welcome these types of listings in these types of communities,” said an Airbnb spokesperson.

“Trials like these are one way we work to support our community. In some places, usually urban destinations, there can be rules around hosting multiple listings. We always want Airbnb to be a positive force in local communities and we make it clear to hosts that they need to follow these rules.”

Let us know what you think; could Airbnb being doing more to support hosts?