A new online training platform has been launched by Affordable Car Hire in an attempt to boost ancillary sales amongst their agents. The firm have pinpointed the need for more confidence amongst their sales team as they look to improve the number of ‘add-on’ products sold as a part of their car hire packages.

The online Affordable Training Academy will host a wealth of information on various ancillary products available with their car hire packages. These include things such as airport hotels, airport parking, travel money and lounges. The training centre will include a modular Car Hire Clinic to help boost agent conversion rates on all optional extras. The five modules include;

  • Car Hire Terms
  • How to Book
  • How to Sell
  • USA Car Hire
  • Customer Support

All modules include key information to help boost confidence and product knowledge amongst agents. You can download facts sheets, obtain information on current agent incentives and details of upcoming webinars. Each module ends with a multiple-choice test for which you’ll receive a certificate for passing.

Affordable Car Hire’s Chief Executive, Angela Day, said:

“We’ve traditionally found that once agents have had training on car hire, their conversion rates are a lot higher. When agents complete our online webinars, their training conversion is around 70%.”

“A lot of people are scared of the jargon that surrounds the car hire product. Our new Affordable Training Academy aims to demystify the jargon and make it easier to understand and therefore sell.”

Who is Affordable Car Hire?

Whilst a pretty self-explanatory name, Affordable Car Hire is a firm that specialises in competitively-priced car rentals. Boasting over 15000 locations, the brand offers its services across the UK, Europe and the USA, with their prices starting from as low as £7 a day. Announcing various updates over the course of the last few months, it seems the company’s expansion plans are accelerating at a faster pace than anyone expected.