Warning issued over Instagram car hire scam

While the Anything For Hire news site is usually centred on celebrating great achievements in the hire market, today, we shed some light on a not-so-great news story. According to a recent warning, car hire scammers are targeting consumers on Instagram, extorting thousands of pounds from UK consumers in recent weeks.

Apparently, the collection of con artists are posing as car hire brokers online, promoting deals that simply do not exist.

So, how does the scam work? Well, according to the car and leasing industry’s governing body, British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), the scammers are displaying adverts on all types of social media; attractive deals that ‘hook people in’. Targeting the most vulnerable car leasing consumers, the scammers seem to marketing to those with low deposits and bad or adverse credit history.

Gerry Keaney, chief executive of the BVRLA, said:

“These criminals are purposely targeting the vulnerable, scamming money from people who can least afford to lose it. It’s deplorable. Their adverts can appear very convincing with some even posing as BVRLA members and citing membership numbers of legitimate members.”

And, it is not just rogue leasing brokers that you need to look out for. Fake insurance brokers are also targeting leasers, selling fake policies and leaving drivers out in the cold.

So, if you are looking at car leasing deals that feel too good to be true, be sure to do some digging, ensuring the broker boasts all the right licenses and works to the correct procedures.

Telltale signs of a ‘Ghost Broker’

All credible brokers work in line with rules set out by the Financial Conduct Authority. All legitimate brokers will also conduct credit and affordability checks. So, if a broker suggests anything but, consider asking yourself why.