The U.S military is set to spend $130,000 a month on a rental space in Trump Tower, New York City for the White House Military Office. This news comes despite the fact that Trump hasn’t actually stayed at the location in months.

In a report on Tuesday, the military agreed to pay $180,000 for the last 20 days of April 2017, and a further $130,000 a month thereafter. This report came from a statement released by General Services Administration (GSA).

The lease rate which has been paid by the military so far is way above the typical rate for that sized space. This makes it one of the costliest real estate rentals in the whole of Manhattan.

A spokesperson has released a statement saying that the owner of the space was a private individual who is unaffiliated with the Trump Organization. This suggests that Trump is not actually benefiting from the lease in a financial light. The name of the individual was redacted by GSA.

The White House Military Office is a part of the U.S military which provides vital services required by law. This includes the so-called nuclear football. It is unaffiliated with the Secret Service. Earlier this year, the Pentagon moved by obtaining a lead in Trump Tower regardless of objections from Democrats with regards to the “appearance” of renting from one of the President’s properties.

“The space is necessary for the personnel and equipment who will support the [president] at his residence in the building,” a spokesman said in February.

In a letter it was assured to Democrats that the deal would not financially benefit the President.

“We are not aware of any means through which the president would personally benefit from a government lease of this space,” the letter read.

The lease negotiations, the Pentagon said, “have been with the owner’s representatives only.”

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