Top 3 summer hire cars

With the British summer now in full swing (if you can call it that) it is time to start celebrating the beautiful cars specifically built for the Summertime. With strong relationships with firms such as Transport Broker Group, we are now seeing the drop-top deals fly off the shelves, with the prom, wedding and general party season among us.

So, if you are looking for a stunning convertible car to hire for an upcoming event check out our top picks below!

Phantom Drophead Coupe

As one of our favourites of the pack the Drophead Coupe oozes with pure class, known for being the most relaxed incarnation of the Phantom range. Perfect for leisurely cruises in the country as well as city breaks it is understandable why this Phantom variant is highly in demand during the summer months.

Bentley GT convertible

With the same enhancements as its coupé sibling the GT convertible is simply stunning, another in-demand hire option that we at Anything For Hire favour.

A the Bentley Motors website states:

‘The prodigious W12 twin-turbo engine brings a new variable displacement system that combines lower emissions with greater output, elevating the power to a stunning 590 PS. You’ll feel the promise of performance the moment you slide your hands around the redesigned steering wheel; your fingers, a touch away from the column-mounted paddle-shift gear selectors.’

Audi TT

While soft tops are great for getting the wind through your hair all sports cars perform well in the season of Summer, encouraging people to really exercise the art of driving. Here at Anything For Hire we have found the Audi TT to be a car that can either sooth or steer the soul.

Able to execute incredible beauty as well as speed this car is very popular according to

‘Although not new to the market the Audi TT is nonetheless a sought after hire car’ says Daniel Ford, sales manager of the firm.

‘We are currently offering great deals on sports and supercar hire throughout the month of July’ he continues.