Martin Lewis, the nation’s favourite thrifty individuals, has this week shared his opinions on car hire. Being a hire market that often gets  bad press, Lewis is eager to save Brits money. Focusing primarily on car hire insurance, Lewis believes he has the key to save consumers up to 80% on their fees. Talking on This Morning, the celebrity financial advisor says he was sick of hearing of Britons getting stung financially when abroad. His advice was to organise as much as you can when on British soil.

“Often when you’re at the kiosk picking up your car they’ll try and scare you into getting excess car hire insurance saying ‘Hey señor, you need excess insurance too – if not and there’s a problem, you pay €1,000’. I can’t tell you how often I’ve hired a car and wanted to intervene when I hear this happening next to me.

“Yet this insurance can cost as much as €20 a day, so to avoid it get standalone cheap excess insurance before you go for as little as £2/day.”

Timing is key

Putting a great deal of focus on where you make your reservation, the 45-year -old was equally as passionate about timing. Having heard his fair share of hire horror stories, he claims that booking you car hire and insurance services well in advance is the best way to grab a deal.

“Don’t leave it to the last minute. “If you do you could pay massively over the odds – for example, walk in now, and if they’ve got spare cars, you could pay £40+/day.
“Yet book now for August and it can cost as little as £8/day for Tenerife and £13/day for Malaga” he continues.

Looking for car hire services?

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