After receiving the much-awaited £48k funding, a Teesside equipment firm has announced to create some new job offers for the prospective employees. Based in Redcar, the Foster Plant Hire is the one to be secured the funding option with some help from the business support consultancy, namely Nudl, which is the situation at Tees Valley Hub at TVCA.

The main purpose of using this money is to help the firm purchase some new equipment and tools worth somewhere around £89k. The goal of purchasing new equipment is to make it a part of a new project, which will help the firm create 5 new job opportunities. 

The co-director of the firm, Allan Foster, was heard saying, “We are pleased to announce that our firm received hefty funding of £48k, which will help us to purchase a new JCB and forklift truck. With 35 years of working experience, this firm is able to offer equipment to not just the construction industry, but to Highways Agency and even to the councils, as and when needed. It gives us the golden opportunity to take on some of the hiring jobs, which we used to turn down previously, without any option left.”

The spokesperson was also heard stating, “To expand our present 8-member team, we are ready to add some prospective employees to the group. Right now, our team came up with the conclusion of adding 1 apprentice, 1 Yard Worker and 3 plant operators to complete our team. This funding helps us to expand our business by taking on some more debt. It will help our business to turn around towards betterment. We are so grateful to the Nudl team for providing us with some invaluable funding options, which made the entire procedure very easy. Now, it is just a waiting game for us to receive our new equipment and start on with new project ideas.”

The Nudl chief, Shak Asghar, was heard stating, “We believe that searching for some funding is a tedious project and also takes up a lot of time. Our main goal is to help out some firms like the Foster Plant Hire, which have the potential to grow, but just need a little bit of help in the form of cash. On Teesside, we always love to give local businesses shine through. So, helping out Allan and his team is a delightful moment for us as well. If we are given the opportunity, we would like to help similar other local firms by setting their foot in this competitive market.”