Stolen rental car tracked down through Facebook

A woman who hired a car from a Salt Lake City rental centre, but failed to return it, was tracked down through Facebook thanks to the quick thinking of one of the car rental company’s employees.

The 42-year-old woman, named as Jennifer Marshall Hansen, was arrested this week after the car hire employee lured here to a specific location in the stolen hire car. It is alleged that Ms Hansen hired the Ford Explorer SUV from Rent-A-Car in Salt Lake City on August the 25th and was due to return the vehicle on September 1st, but failed to do so and refused to get in touch with the rental company to explain her actions.

In a last ditch attempt to recover the stolen SUV, an employee at Rent-A-Car tracked the woman down on Facebook and became her friend on the social network. After chatting with Ms Hansen on the social media site, she agreed to meet him at a specified location. When she arrived, she was driving the stolen SUV, and the car hire employee was able to tackle the woman on the issue of the stolen vehicle, and summon the police.

Ms Hansen has since been arrested and is facing charges of second degree felony count of theft of a rental car of which the maximum sentence carries a sentence of 15 years in jail.