Cardiff GPs to Prescribe Bike Hire to Patients

Cardiff is a city that is understandably close to our hearts, being the place where the Anything for Hire journey begun! This is why we are always thrilled to hear news of the city’s hire industry, eager to keep our ear to the ground and stay abreast the city’s incredible business community and goings on.

Just this week, we learn that Cardiff and Vale’s health board will now permit GPs under them to prescribe free bike hire from nextbike to patients. This will mainly be for individuals that require more exercise in order to lose weight.

Offering 6-month prescriptions, GPs will promote the nextbike business as a whole; a bike rental scheme whereby residents and tourists can rent dockless bikes in and around the city.

Seeming to tick all the boxes for health care providers, Public health consultant, Dr Tom Porter, said it was “one of the easiest ways to reduce your risk of ill health while building your cardiovascular fitness”.

The pilot scheme will first be rolled out in two surgeries; Landsdowne Surgery and Fairwater Health Centre. Those who are prescribed will be given a unique code which will provide them with unlimited 30-minute hires completely free of charge.

GP Dr Karen Pardy said: “Whilst we are aware of the many benefits of exercise for our patients, people are sometimes reluctant to engage.

“nextbike on prescription allows people to have a go at cycling around Cardiff and realise how this can help to support their overall wellbeing.”

Cardiff council’s cabinet member for health, Susan Elsmore, said the city was “incredibly fortunate and proud to offer this opportunity”.

According to statistics, regular cycling can cut an individual’s chance of dying from heart disease by a huge 50%. Focusing on these impressive stats, local GPs are understandably excited to see nextbikes being utilised in this way.

As it stands, Cardiff is in possession of 500 bikes that are dotted around 27 different sites. These conduct around 10,000 trips a week, credited for helping Cardiff reduce its carbon footprint and promote healthy modes of transport.

Aberdeen Launch Public Consultation Over Bike Hire

From London to Cardiff, most UK cities are now toying with the idea of featuring bike rental facilities in their area. In a plea to support environmentally-friendly efforts and get people active again, such schemes have proven incredibly beneficial and lucrative for local councils.

This week, Aberdeen adds its name to the list, holding a public consultation on the subject. Exploring their options when it comes to bike hire schemes, the city has launched a survey. Eager to gauge the opinion of the public, it appears Aberdeen really want to get this pushed through and more importantly, roll out the right set-up for the city.

Council spokeswoman, Sandra Macdonald, said:

“We’d urge as many people as possible to take part in the survey as even if you don’t cycle around at the moment, you may have used a similar bike hire scheme in another city.

“We’d welcome your opinion about how it could work in Aberdeen.”

Putting control into the hands of the people of Aberdeen, residents will get a say on the type of bikes they would want to see, the prices they expect to be charged as well how they think the scheme should be funded. The survey takes just 10 minutes to complete and could have a huge impact on city’s transport infrastructure.

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Axe Skip Hire Expand Fleet

As you will know by reading many of our previous posts, we are passionate about sharing skip hire solutions to those that need them, providing a platform in which consumers can search, compare and book such services with ease. This is why we are always keen to learn of skip firms investing in their services and products, adding value to the UK’s flourishing hire industry.

This week we learn that Axe Skip, a rental firm based in Axminster, has invested in its fleet, adding additional skips to its collection. Signalling great expansion for the brand, these new skips will have a huge positive impact on the brand, allowing them to facilitate a larger number of customers.

This investment has been made possible by an asset funding line from Santander Business Banking, allowing them to purchase a 7.5-tonne DAF lorry. This is the second lorry of its kind to be purchased by Axe this year.

James Bostock, Director at Axe Skip Hire Ltd, said the following:

“Axe Skip Hire continues to see strong local demand for our low-cost, reliable service, and it’s great to be able to upgrade our fleet with a new DAF lorry with help from Santander.

“We know that our customers value the recycling aspect of the business and we are now focused on taking our brand deeper into our current markets and hopefully further afield.”

Having been in business since 1985, this skip hire company boasts 5 lorries and over 500 skips, making them a huge player in the local market.

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Hertz Go British With New Service

Popular car rental firm, Hertz, has this week announced details of their latest service. Honing in on the British theme, the brand has launched ‘The British Collection’ in the UK. Putting our country’s wonderful cars of a pedestal, the collection comprises of stunning Jaguars and Land Rover marques.

Available at three different locations, London Heathrow Airport, Marble Arch and Edinburgh Airport, this best-of-British collection will give its customers the option to experience the luxury of some of the world’s greatest cars. These will include popular models such as the Land Rover Discovery Sport, Jaguar F Pace, E Pace, XE and XF.

Those that decide to rent any of these cars will also be given a free additional driver on their policy and unlimited mileage, with Hertz eager to showcase the wonders of these vehicles.

But, getting behind the wheel isn’t even the best bit! When waiting to collect these British masterpieces, customers will be able to wait in a dedicated lounge; one filled with UK-inspired furnishings. Offering a relaxing ambience, these unique lounges are said to offer a heightened ‘premium experience’ for Hertz customers to enjoy.

Richard Davies, Country Manager for Hertz UK, says:

“The unveiling of The British Collection and dedicated lounges represents Hertz’s continuing commitment to providing its customers with unique and exclusive tailored experiences. The British Collection is a new, upmarket offering, built with creativity and luxury in mind. Working with premium British brands and talent, we’ve been able to build an adventure from branch to the road.”

While something new and exciting for us, this is not the first time Hertz has singled out a country’s car making triumphs. Just last year, the Italian side of the business launched the “Selezione Italia” range, promoting the country’s stunning vehicles to residents and tourists alike.

Let us know what you think, would a posh waiting area and free millage persuade you to book with Hertz?

Deliveroo Signs Scooter Hire Deal

Deliveroo is regarded as one of the greatest online businesses of our time, having successfully streamlined the fast food delivery industry. Permitting users to order food from any establishment and have it delivered via them, Deliveroo has well and truly filled a gap in the market.

But, how have they scaled up their small operation to be a multimillion-pound household brand? Well, through the use of vehicle rental of course!

If you have ever used Deliveroo, you will see that their drivers deliver on scooters or bikes, with hundreds of these branded vehicles speeding past us in most UK cities.

Now, the ever-expanding brand are looking to change things up, launching an electric scooter rental scheme. In a plea to ‘electrify London’; the scheme has been formed in partnership with moped rental firm, Elmovo. Omitting zero emissions, these scooters will both improve their delivery times while positioning Deliveroo as a brand that cares about the planet.

Scooter hire from £.183

The scheme will offer riders scooter hire services for just £1.83, providing that they dedicate themselves to a 6-hour slot. This includes tax, insurance and any other costs involved in running the scooter.

“Deliveroo wants every meal we deliver to be truly amazing but that is only possible if the delivery is sustainable alongside the great food we offer” says Deliveroo UK and Ireland’s managing director, Dan Warne.

“Electric mopeds and bikes represent an environmentally friendly, neighbourhood-conscious solution to cut emissions and save riders money in the long run.”

At present, there are 72 of these mopeds on their way to the city. However, with over 500 riders already pre-registering to hire them, there is evident demand for a whole lot more.

Let us know what you think about this partnership. Would knowing your food was being delivered through environmentally-friendly means impress you? Leave your comments with us.

Enterprise Acquires SHP Hire

It has been a big week for the UK rental market. From the BVRLA releasing a detailed report on the industry’s economic worth to witnessing the decline of yet more bike hire companies.
However, today we learn of a pretty exciting new business venture, with Enterprise Rent-A-Car announcing that they have made yet another acquisition. Investing in SHP Hire, a vehicle hire and management business, Enterprise look to further extend their of rental products offering across the UK.

Who is SHP Hire?

Based in Romsey, SHP Hire is a successful rental business that operates in 16 different areas of the UK. These include large bases in Manchester, Newcastle, Nairn, Shrewsbury, Calne and more.
With a huge, diverse fleet, the business is currently in possession of 18,500 vehicles. These range from cars and light commercial vehicles (LCVs) to heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), tippers, gold buggies and much more!

The plan for this meeting of minds if for the SHP Hire operation to work under Enterprise’s Flex-E-Rent sub-brand. With these additional vehicles, the company will be able to promote an overall fleet of 45,000.

“We needed to find the right partner to acquire the SHB Hire business,” said the business’ chairman, Mike Street.

“Enterprise and SHB Hire employees share a commitment to delivering the best customer care.

“The fact that we are both family-owned and run has enabled us to take a long-term view. The acquisition secures the future of the business and will provide customers with a greater diversity of product lines, as well as access to industry leading technologies and infrastructure.”

Enterprise is equally as thrilled to see this deal come to fruition. The brand’s Managing Director, Khaled Shahbp, said the following:

“The Street family established and built SHB Hire into an industry-leader with an impressive customer base and reputation for customer service.

Let us know what you think about this high-profile deal by leaving your comments below.

New Hire Industry Training Event to promote Wellbeing at Work

Shocking statistics reveal that male workers in construction have a suicide risk that is three times higher than the average for England and even those in skilled construction jobs also have an increased suicide risk.To address this unacceptable statistic, Hire Association Europe and Event Hire Association (HAE EHA), along with their training partner HAE Business Guard, are organising the first of a series of courses aimed to improve the ability of the hire industry to support the mental wellbeing of its workforce.

The two-day training event, which will be delivered by St John Ambulance and is endorsed by Mental Health First Aid England, will take place on 21st and 22nd May at the association’s headquarters in Birmingham. The course is available to all members and non-members wishing to promote mental wellbeing in the workplace. This new training programme is designed to raise awareness of common mental health issues that affect the workforce and that can lead to a negative impact on an individual’s wellbeing at work.

The course will give employers practical ways to open up a helpful conversation on this topic and then be able to provide their workers with the care and support they need at the most appropriate time. Ultimately, the aim is to change business cultures so that mental health issues are taken as seriously as other health and safety matters.

Mental health problems in the construction sector are often due to the innate characteristics of the industry; it is a highly mobile industry with lots of casual workers, uncertain contracts, exacting timelines and is quite macho in culture. Often people don’t feel comfortable in raising personal issues and then muddle along until they can cope no longer.

HAE EHA has made it a priority to educate the industry to recognise the signs and symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression before they get out of hand as well as giving businesses the tools and knowledge to assist employees with recovery. Being able to spot the signs of mental illness and offering help and support rather than judgement, should allow employees to thrive at work with the positive and significant knock-on effects that brings to the industry.

HAE EHA’s Commercial Manager, Paul Gaze added:

“Our main aim is to raise awareness and help support employers to tackle this issue in an informed and positive manner. We want to help the industry and society in general. Everyone has mental health. Some days it’s good and some days it’s bad. It is just a question of making sure that employers are sensitive to this and can support people in the correct way.

“As an industry, we have a great opportunity to come together and help our workforce now and in the future. If we all work together to address this issue, then some real progress will be made. None of us is as strong as all of us.”

HAE EHA believes in leading by example and has already signed up to the Building Mental Health (BMH) charter to support its own staff by embedding a wellbeing strategy for its workforce and is encouraging members to do the same. Training staff to become mental health first aiders is a way to provide discreet support for individuals and encourages them to achieve a healthy work-life balance to minimise work-related stress levels.

For pricing and further details about the May course and other courses to be rolled out later in the year, contact HAE on 44 (0)121 380 4617 or visit the website

For more information on how to become a member of HAE/EHA go to

1 Source:

Hire Association Europe (HAE) was formed in 1974 and is often referred to as The Association. It is a Birmingham-based industry-leading trade body representing plant, tool and equipment hire with over 900 members based in the UK, Europe and across other parts of the world.
The Association assists businesses, from sole traders to larger independent and privately owned organisations, by providing operational resources to support the hire industry. Membership provides access to products and services covering all aspects of hire, including terms & conditions, safety checks, publicity, equipment, responsibilities and general day-to-day requirements.
Accompanying services include legal advice, training, publicity, safety checks, leaflets, lobbying and finance advice; necessary documentation and information that will hold organisations in better stead for the long term. In addition, safeguarding can also be made easier for members, who have access to HAE’s essential range of health & safety, economical and credit control services.
All members are invited to become part of a board with the choice of Tool, Plant & Equipment Board, Event Equipment Board or the Supply Chain Industry Board.  Alternatively, members are able to take part in a technical panel to review and develop new practices which impact the industry and subsequently, their own business.

Anything for Hire Listed in ‘The Wales Tech 35 for 2018’

Private hire businesses to pay London Congestion Charge

Reading Bike Hire Comes to a Halt

The cycle hire industry has been one of complete upheaval in recent months. From councils ditching programs to providers entering administration, is appears the service tipped to revise our transport industry is going south.

Just this week we hear the news that Reading’s bike hire scheme, ReadyBike, is coming to halt.

The bike rental company has apparently “struggled to cover the costs of operating the scheme” with “current factors” having “significantly impacted” the business.

While having been offering bike hire deals in the town since 2014, ReadyBike is struggling to maintain momentum in Reading, failing to sign sponsorship deals to fund the day-to-day running of the business. Initially funded by the Government, it has now been reported that Reading Borough Council has been spending close to £10,000 a month to keep the business running.

No longer viable for the Council’s residents or tourists, the scheme has no option but to end. However, it is not all doom and gloom for the people of Reading, with the Council this week announcing that it was in talks with another bike rental provider that is willing to take over from ReadyBike.

Tim Caswell, from Hourbike Limited, the company that manages the bikes, said:

“It is with some sadness that Hourbike has had to give notice from operating ReadyBike.”

Bike hire will stop being offered as of March 31st with all of the vehicles to be held in storage.

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Skip Hire Firm in Norfolk Blamed for Fatal Accident

While we tend to focus on the positive things going in the world of hire, the truth is, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Just this week, we learn the sad story of a fatal accident involving a skip hire worker. According to sources, a 29-year-old man from Besthorpe, Norfolk, was operating a screener machine when he died. Employed by Baldwin Skip Hire, James Criddle died due to suffocation.

Norwich Crown Court was informed that his clothes were caught in the machine.

While deaths in the manual world are not unheard of, many are criticising the skip rental company, seeing its Managing Director, Robert Baldwin, pleading his innocence against claims of manslaughter due to gross negligence.

The machine responsible was purchased from eBay, with fellow staff members claiming that it had no safety guards and was not fit for purpose.

Prosecutor Julia Faure-Walker, prosecuting, said:

“It was bought second-hand on eBay and not in the condition it would have gone to market.

“The guards had been removed. The workers were not protected from the dangerous working parts.”

According to the prosecution, investing in a new safety guard would have prevented this awful incident, not putting the operator in any form of danger.

The trial is still underway, with both the skip hire business and the decease’s family eager to gain closure.