More families turning to hired help to carry out the chores

A recent survey by home insurance provider, LV Insurance, has found that 28% of families now employ some kind of domestic help whether it’s a cleaner, nanny or gardener.

The survey polled 2,000 UK households to compile the results. The study found that it was more common for families with children to hire help about the home to assist parents who are juggling full time jobs and running a house. However the results of the study also found that single occupancy households are also turning to hired help in their homes with a quarter of those living alone revealing that they hire someone to carry out domestic chores.

The assumption that only the very wealthy have hired help in the home is seemingly an outdated one as the study from LV Insurance found that 40% of home owners with a hired cleaner have a household income of £28,000 or less.

The most common reason for hiring a cleaner, nanny or gardener is to help time-poor families and individuals juggle working lives with families or hectic social lives. Many choose to hire someone else to carry out their household chores or even decorate their homes as they simply don’t have the time to carry out these seemingly routine tasks after spending increasingly more time in the office.