Lord Aleem’s Ferrari crashes during wedding day

The wedding theme of 2016 is extravagance, with each and every bride and groom wanting to outdo the last. With social media providing a vehicle for couples to boast to the world it appears one groom’s attempts to show off backfired. Crashing a hired £240,000 supercar into a wall the wedding celebrations were understandably overshadowed, an eventuality that ensured this groom was the talk of the town.

According to the Lancashire Times the Ferrari Spider 548 belonged to motoring entrepreneur ‘Lord’ Aleem’s father, the Youtube sensation that promotes the supercar and Pakistani lifestyle all over the internet. Renowned for driving some of the most beautiful vehicles the world has ever seen this Lamborghini is just one example of the family’s fortune.

Despite heaps of damage to the sports car the 21 year old digital entrepreneur seemed unfazed by crash, commenting on Twitter that the accident was not the “end of the world”. Promising the car will be “back on the road in three weeks” we cannot help but think this is a common eventuality for the family of car lovers.

Losing control

Vaqas Gulraiz, 21, whose family home was hit by the car, told the newspaper: “You could hear the car all over the estate. I was in the front bedroom and saw the Ferrari coming down Spencer Street when he just seemed to lose it and crash into the wall.

“I think the lad who was driving, it was his wedding. And the girl in the passenger seat was one of his cousins.

“The council has been around and told us to claim on the insurance but we’ll probably just rebuild it. It’s just lucky no-one was hurt really.”

A spokesman for the Lancashire Police said: “We were called around 12.40pm on Sunday, April 17, after reports of a collision on Cameron Street in Burnley.

“Officers attended and found a white Ferrari Spider car had collided with a wall. The male driver, 25, was uninjured. No arrests were made.”

‘Lord’ Aleem, whose real name is Aleem Iqbal, responded to the incident on Twitter, saying: “At least people in Burnley have something to talk about for a few weeks.”

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