Jackass films to be rented on social media network Facebook

The Jackass films are the latest to be made available to hire through social network Facebook. Warner Brothers were the first major movie studio to offer their films for hire through the popular social network, now Paramount Pictures want to get a slice of the online hire action and have decided to release their franchise of the Jackass movies on Facebook in the US.

The entire series of Jackass movies will be available to hire through Facebook. The earlier titles such as Jackass The Movie, Jackass2, will be less expensive to hire at $2.99 while the more recent movies such as Jackass3 and Jackass 3.5 will be $3.99 to hire for 48 hours. In addition to the main films, the digital features that are Jackass 2.5 and Jackass 3.5 will also be made available to hire on Facebook.

At present, the Jackass titles will only be available to hire through Facebook for members in the US. Members will pay for their rentals using pre-paid for Facebook credits. Once they’re hired their chosen title, they will have 48 hours in which to watch the movie.

Anything for Hire News reported last month how the popular BBC television series, Doctor Who, has also released a number of classic episodes and more recent series for hire through Facebook. In March of this year Warner Brother was one of the first to offer films for hire through a social networking page when they allowed Facebook users to rent The Dark Knight online.

The movie industry hopes online rentals through social media will help compensate for the decline in DVD and video sales.