Cycle hire scheme announced for Manchester’s Piccadilly Station

A new cycle hire scheme has been announced for Manchester’s Piccadilly Station which will allow commuters to hire Brompton folding bikes for onward travel from just £4 a day.

The new bicycle hire scheme is a joint venture between Virgin Trains and Brompton Dock Ltd and will be officially launched on April 3rd 2012. There are no restrictions on how long a bike can be hired for, once a users signs up to use the scheme online they can rent a hand built British folding bike from the new docking stations for anything from a couple of hours, a day, week, month or even a year.

All users wishing to take advantage of the new cycle scheme must register their details online. Once they’ve set up membership, commuters are able to hire Brompton bikes at a cost of £4 a day, while weekly hire will set you back £15 and a month’s worth of bike hire will cost £50.

To help facilitate the new bike rental system at Manchester Piccadilly, there are no restrictions on the times bikes can be transported on train services so even those wishing to carry a folding bike on a peak hour train can do so.

Brompton Bikes and Virgin Trains say the new service offers an innovative and eco-friendly “end to end” journey solution for passengers travelling through Manchester Piccadilly station.