Clothing rentals on the rise

As you know, here at Anything for Hire, we are huge advocates of the rental model. This goes for everything that the rental industry encompasses. From cars and tools to homes, renting is cost-effective and provides consumers all over the world with access to the things that they need.

This is why we were thrilled to hear the news of a new trend; clothing hire. While hiring suits, tuxedos, proms dresses and wedding attire has been popular for decades, every day clothes have always fallen into the ownership category. But, apparently, we are now opening up to the idea of hiring day-to-day attire across the globe.

As a trend that is being adopted in China in particular, people are renting items like jeans, t-shirts and even pants through online apps and websites!

YCloset, the company pioneering in the Chinese clothing hire market, says that they have experienced great success “targeting the fast fashion daily wear market, where people can wear our products to work, during the weekend and also to a party”.

Girl Meets Dress’s founder, Anna Bance, says the same shift is happening in the UK. While they started hiring out designer clothing, the market has well and truly opened up to include much more than suits and wedding dresses.

“Already it’s not just for special occasions” says Ms Bance.

“Some customers may want one dress a year for their husband’s work do in the city but others are changing their habits and hiring a couple of dresses a week”.

Let us know what you think about the clothing hire model. Would you be comfortable wearing clothes owned by someone else? Here at Anything for Hire, we simply love this concept. Being affordable and great for the environment; what isn’t there to like?