Camper Van Hire Firm is located close to Glasgow and has won businesses from around the world.

Although the winter season has been so daring, a well-concerned business owner’s hope is for her campervan hire firm to benefit from the busy year amongst the growing popularity of “do-it-yourself” vacations.


Red Kite Campers Limited is located in Milton of Campsie Village, 10 miles north of Glasgow, at the base of Campsie Fells. Our back garden was used as the village bus depot.

What are your services??
We offer comfortable Volkswagan campervan hire for adults with all of the mod cons and retro twist. Also, we provide holiday and planning recommendations to our customers.

Who are your target audience??
Our target audience are people from around the world who would love to take the van on trip to continents.

What is your annual profit??
The company’s first full season will be by summer 2018. By the end of that year we are anticipating a turnover of around £37,000.

How many employees have you??
I’m a sole trader in theory but I have the full support of my husband and my family as a whole.

When was your business established?
It was officially established in July 2017 and it is called Red Kite Campers because of the large bird found mostly in the Scottish Highland, flying freely in the sky.

What is your sole reason for starting the business??
My family has always been passionate about nature. While growing up, we often spent our vacations doing walking routes. We planned an annual summer trip to South Uist where my husband comes from. After going through the campervan few years back, we decided to start up something exactly like that as it gives you the freedom to experience Scotland with an entirely different view in the morning. ”Having a right to park anywhere” rule in Scotland was also a huge bonus to seeing new routes like the North Coast 500 Boosting Tourism.

What were you doing before you started the business?
Before starting Red Kite Camper, I spent most of my time taking care of our one-year-old son. I used to work in an Automobile Industry before then where I sold Honda cars for 12 years. I was able to gain handful experience in Sales and Customer Service and I also unconsciously leant about vehicles and how they worked which is in turn useful for my business.

How did you raise the start-up capital?
We bought an older campervan which we stripped down and made beautiful. A few months later we sold it and it generated some cash towards the conversion of our first campervan for Red Kite Campers. The rest we borrowed from the bank. Also, we’ve had enormous help from Business Gateway East Dunbartonshire providing free social media for business training as well as assistance with key areas on our website.

What was your biggest break?
Finding Calder Campers in East Calder who did our first ever conversion. Their huge experience has really helped us along the way, in ensuring that we meet up with customers need in a campervan holiday let.

What was your most challenging moment?
There was a time in December, during the cold season, water supply in the van froze. A night before then, it was up for hire. We defrosted it but the water was still not flowing. Fortunately, my husband spotted a loosed pipe which only needed a little clip to secure it back in place.

What has been exciting about the business?
Meeting customers from all over Europe who are about to go on holidays. I’ve also been opportune to go out on photo-shoots and discovering new places in Scotland. We recently visited Glen Etive near Ballachulish, which was really amazing.

What annoys you the most?
Unnecessary phone calls that come with having your own website. I completely understand that people want to make a living and some are genuinely helpful but others can be quite rude.

What are your desires for the firm?
It already looks like 2018 will be a busy year and after that, we are eager to expand our business. Great vans are rare to come by, so we are always on the lookout. We would love to have five vans by 2020.

What help could the Westminster and/or Scottish Government render?
The Scottish Government has already subsidized Island hopping in the Western Isles, by announcing the Road Equivalent Tariff. An improvement in the infrastructure when tourists are reaching the Islands would also be great. Also, it will be great if the popular Oban – Lochboisdale ferry route is restored during the spring and summer months.

What valuable lesson have you learnt?
When the journey seems tough, never give up that journey, rather explore new ways to triumph

How do you relieve stress??
Long walk with family and friends. My sister is an incredible yoga teacher and often puts me through my paces.