Birmingham’s Enterprise Car Club adds to its per hour fleet 


The Birmingham division of Enterprise Car Club has increased the number of vehicles in its per hour hire car fleet, now offering 15 cars that are located at various areas of the city. Displaying a mission to offer convenient access to transportation at all times of the day and night, Enterprise are showing more examples of their mission to stay at the top, fast becoming synonymous with great customer service.

While some of the cars are kept at the Enterprise Rent-A-Car location in the centre of Birmingham others are kept close to the University of Birmingham and near chocolate amusement centre Cadbury World. Not wanting to leave anyone out of the great deals and options, Enterprise have chosen these public transport hubs in order to offer seamless transfers for travellers.

Mr Kelly, business development manager at Enterprise Car Club referred to this project as an ‘enhanced fleet as a key element in offering convenient vehicle rentals right across Birmingham’. Unlike many big brand the company have successfully cementing their name as an international brand whilst looking after local customers, having devised a marketing strategy that is truly admirable.

‘Mr Kelly continued by saying that car hire availability was important for 21st century drivers. He finished off by saying car club vehicles were an answer to problems such as a shortage of parking spaces faced by residents of larger cities and towns across the UK’ New Car Rentals reports.

‘Prior to the addition of the extra vehicles, Birmingham’s Enterprise Car Club had a fleet of six vehicles. Enterprise Rent-A-Car currently offers this genre of rental car at around 20 other cities in the UK. These include Liverpool, London, Nottingham and York.

Vehicles on offer tend to be popular models like the Ford Fiesta, the Toyota Yaris and the Vauxhall Corsa. The collection also includes commercial goods vans such as the Toyota Proace’ they continue.

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