Baldwin Skip Hire Bose Jailed

While we are passionate about covering positive, feel-good stories centred on the hire industry, today, we share some rather sad news.

According to sources, the boss of popular skip hire firm, Baldwin Skip Hire, has been jailed for the death of one of his employees.

James Criddle, 29, was killed whilst operating a screener machine back in 2017, becoming entangled in the apparatus and consequently suffocating.

Though an awful accident, the boss of the business, Robert Baldwin, has been awaiting trial, criticised for purchasing a machine that was not worthy of use. Said to have no safety guards and devoid of an emergency stop button, the skip hire boss has now been jailed by Norwich Crown Court, finding him guilty of neglect in failing to discharge a duty.

Baldwin was cleared of charges of gross negligence manslaughter but did plead guilty to another health and safety charge.

He will now serve one year in prison for the offence. The business has also been issued with a fine of £75,000.

Julia Faure Walker, prosecuting, said:

‘It was bought second-hand on eBay… The guards had been removed. The workers were not protected from the dangerous working parts.

Eager to improve his business and ensure nothing like this happens again, Baldwin ensures that the company has now hired a health and safety firm to improve standards.

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