Avis slammed for issuing ‘Brexit Tax’

The hire market has experienced some great changes over the years, with the Brexit vote creating uncertainty over whether or not hire firms would hike up their prices. This week car firm Avis has been slammed for charging what people have called ‘Brexit Tax’.

This was uncovered after an Oxford Zoology professor, Lord John Kerbs, hired a car from the firm, stung with an additional £2.19 charge when returning his vehicle to a French airport.

Speaking to The Sun Lord Kerbs said: “I paid for the car in advance and when I took it back to Marseille airport I noticed the charge on the bill which had no explanation.

“When I spoke to the office manager in the Avis branch to ask what was this for he said ‘oh that is the Brexit tax.’

“I said what do you mean the Brexit tax, and he replied ‘well that is what we charge now.’

“I said we haven’t Brexited yet, and refused to pay.

“I was shocked that this could be a policy, and although the manager could have been pulling my leg, he was deadly serious and when I challenged him, he withdrew the charge.

“Prior or post Brexit it is not right.”

This caused anger mainly due to the fact that the vote was simply a vote, with Britain not officially leaving the European Union until next year. However, a company spokesperson said that the word ‘Brexit Tax’ should be avoided and was simply a miscommunication between their staff.

The source continued to say that the charge was imposed on a “location-by-location” basis and was based on “fluctuations in the currency markets.”

Evidently influenced by Britain’s decision to leave the EU we at Anything for Hire can sympathise with both sides of this argument. Let us know what you think about this subject by leaving your comments below.