Avis Budget Group to buy out French car rental firm  

In a mission to expand the company and boast more of a presence in the French market Avis plan to buy out French Cars, a successful car rental firm with an incredibly established name. Showcasing the second-largest commercial vehicle fleet in the whole of French this agreement will accelerate Avis’ plans for international car rental domination, adding a variety of brand and makes to their rich collection. 

Having investing in around 8,000 cars, vans and trucks with 60 different locations Avis can comfortably promote a strong prominence in France, strengthening the budget fleet to a vast network. 

“We’re excited to announce our agreement to acquire France Cars.  We are committed to strengthening our presence in the local market, and this acquisition will complement our existing operations in the country. France Cars will bring a strong presence in the French local market business and a leading position in the light commercial vehicle segment,” Mark Servodidio, president, international, Avis, said in a prepared statement. 

France Cars has been generating approximately $67.3 million annually, making it a sound investment for the Avis Group. Looking to work in coalition with the existing staff members it seems all parties are eager to get this deal over the line.  

“We are excited by Avis Budget Group’s commitment to acquire France Cars and are looking forward to working closely together,” Thierry Jardin, CEO of France Cars, said in a prepared statement. 

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