MP calls for car hire companies to stop hiring supercars to young drivers

At Anything For Hire we put safety at the forefront of what we do, especially when promoting self-drive hire experiences to our network. Only working with companies that carry out a strict set of due diligence tasks we ensure safety where possible.

It does appear that we are not the only ones showing concern over regulation with Conservative MP Andrew Stephenson speaking in the Commons on the subject just this week. Urging a debate on the subject it does make us think, is it down to the individual how much they spend on hire experiences and to what extend they crave that thrill factor?

He said:

“There has been a series of accidents, near misses and hit-and-runs in recent months.

“As most of these vehicles are hired, usually just for a day at a time, local residents and Pendle Council are now calling for action to prevent hire car companies putting high performance supercars in the hands of young drivers.

“Would you make time for a debate on this issue?”

Specialist insurance broker, High Gear Insurance has tweeted:

Self driver supercar insurance

Requesting a conversation Leader of the Commons Chris Grayling said it was found this end of the hire market bizarre, calling into question why firm would ant younger drivers in high value vehicles.

He said:

“You make an important point. I am actually very surprised those hire companies want to do that because high performance cars tend to be high value cars and I assume they want to get them back intact afterwards.

“It is clearly a bizarre situation he has experienced. I don’t understand why those businesses are taking the approach he has described and he should certainly put pressure on them locally not to do so.

“But I’ll make sure his concerns are brought to the attention of the Transport Secretary as well.”

While only a selected few operators¬†in the country offering self-drive to under 25’s we come back to the same question, is it down to the driver to decide whether or not a car is too powerful for them? Share your opinions with us!