Whether walking around cities in Wales, England, Scotland or Ireland, you will come across a bike hire doc of some sort. This is because almost all local authorities are investing in such schemes, offering rental bikes in a plea to reduce their area’s carbon footprint.

Just this week, Glasgow adds its name to the list of cities doing its bit for the environment, launching Scotland’s largest bike hire scheme of its kind.

According to sources, 120 ‘E-bikes’ will be made available in the Forth Valley region, costing just £2 to hire for the day. Alternatively, rides can pay an annual fee of £65, enjoying unlimited access to these pedal bikes.

Costing close to £500,000 to roll out, this scheme has been funded by local authorities, the NHS, Sestran and Transport Scotland. It will however be run and managed by the North Environment Link charity.

Public Health Minister Joe FitzPatrick said:

“I’m delighted to join Forth Environment Link and NHS Forth Valley to launch Forth Bike – Scotland’s largest electric bike hire scheme.

“This flexible scheme provides affordable and easy access to modern e-bikes at a fraction of the cost required to buy the latest models.

Calling the scheme a ‘progressive initiative’, he believes these bikes will go a long way in promoting sustainable travel across Scotland as a whole. And, we at Anything for Hire can’t help but agree.

Forth Environment Link executive director Clara Walker, expands:

“Forth Bike aims to connect communities across Forth Valley, opening up access to services and employment opportunities by offering a flexible, inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to travel.

Let us know what you think, will these bikes support Scotland in its climate ambitions? Share your thoughts and opinions with us.