Nottingham to launch bike hire scheme in 2013

Jumping on the green transportation bandwagon, Nottingham is the latest UK city to declare its commitment to providing residents with a brand new bike hire scheme. At least 17 bike stands with black and green cycles will be unveiled to the city in a bid to encourage green travel and cut pollution and traffic. The Nottingham free bike hire scheme will be rolled out in 2013 with 17 docks across the city for customers to rent a bike from.

Following the success of the ‘Boris bikes’ in London, several other UK cities have been duplicating the scheme to reduce costs and traffic and Nottingham is the latest to join the trend. Nottingham City Council is hopeful that with the new bike hire scheme commuters will be encouraged to rent a bike for short journeys instead of blocking the roads with traffic. The city has already purchased 100 bikes and plans to increase them by a further 250 bikes over the next two years. Bike racks will be placed in key city spots including Wollaton Park and Nottingham Castle and it is hoped that tourists will also be encouraged to use them to reduce traffic in the city.

The Nottingham bike hire scheme will be free to use for Kangaroo travel cardholders. For those who don’t own a Kangaroo travel card, hire prices start at £2 a week – far cheaper than those available in London that cost £1 for an hour and £50 for 24 hours.

Councillor Jane Urquhart, Nottingham City Council’s portfolio holder for planning and transport, said: “One of Nottingham’s strengths is that it is a relatively compact city, which makes getting around by bike very easy. And, as a keen cyclist myself, I can vouch for that. It can be one of the quickest, cheapest and greenest modes of transport. It’s also very good exercise, which saves on expensive gym fees.”

Other equipment that will compliment the Nottingham bike hire scheme include covered cycle spaces for bikes to be locked up securely, cycle stands, CCTV, lighting and Citycard activated lockers and 24 hour access for residents and tourists.