McDonalds set to hire 50k new employees in the US today

Mc DonaldsThe fast food specialists McDonalds are taking a fast approach to employee recruitment today as they plan to hire 50,000 new employees across all of their participating stores in the US.

The fast track recruitment drive commenced at 7am this morning and will run until 5pm tonight at which point McDonalds branches will stop accepting CVs from prospective employees.

A range of vacancies are available at McDonalds branches across the States including manager positions and supervisor jobs, as well as waiting on staff and customer advisers. Even the McDonalds staff on the lower end of the pay scale can expect to earn above the hourly minimum wage rate so this is a great opportunity for many Americans.

The fast food outlet set out on its mission to hire an extra 50,000 staff of April 19th, which is the first ever National Hiring Day in the US.

McDonalds are hoping to recruit a total of 1,500 workers at their branches in Chicago, and 500 new employees in the Kansas City area, and 130 in the Charleston area, and 250 in Wichita amongst other regions.

Those interested in getting a job with the world famous fast food outlet can complete an application form at any of the participating McDonalds stores in the States.