Islabike to create ‘ride to school’ rental bikes in the UK 

With the idea of ownership slowly becoming a thing of the past the world and its mother seem to be adopting the rental bug, with even children now reaping the benefits. This week leading kids’ brand, Islabikes, announced it would be making a ride-to school bike rental product, creating a new way for children to get to school whilst reducing waste and landfill.

Excited to be the pioneering firm in this very new, niche industry the company aim to create awareness globally.

“It is our aspiration to become the cycling industry experts in the sustainable supply of bicycles,” says Isla Rowntree, company founder. “I feel really excited about it, and a little bit scared as well.”

The plan for this scheme is to create a circular supply chain. When the bikes are on their last legs all raw materials can be separated and reused by the firm, “nothing will go to landfill”, is the Islabikes pledge.

With all of the company’s previous products made from great materials we cannot expect the prices to be competitive for purchase. Renowned for their constant use of quality alloy frames, micro-reach brake levels and lightweight wheels industry officials predict a retail price of around £300, sitting right in the middle of the children’s bike market.

Bike Radar comments:

‘As for the new rental bikes, there’s no word yet on how much it will cost to hire a utility bike for riding to school, though for the scheme to work it must be no more expensive than buying a bike and then replacing it for an 18-month period, we reckon.’

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